Courses in Creative Writing

       Writing courses with Courtney E. Morgan on: creativity, sexuality, personal narrative, myths + fairytales, monsters + shadow + horror, healing, the body, and more. 


Impulse: A Writing Course on Creative + Sexual Empowerment

In this course we’ll consider the creative and sexual impulse as one thing—one singular drive that leads us to (pro)create and birth “babies” (whether works of art, relationships and connections, or yes, human offspring)—and we’ll explore ways of tapping this particular energy and using it to inspire and deepen our writing, our art, and (yes) our libido. 


Storying (Our)Selves: A Course on Healing + Personal Narrative

This writing class will explore the transformative power of art—its capacity to transform the author, the reader, and whole social millieu we’re floating in. The course will guide you through ever deepening layers of your own narrative, exploring ways to re-envision and re-story your past and your (perhaps limited) ideas of your Self. 

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Body Language: A Course of Writing + Movement

Every body has a story. Memories locked inside muscle and bone. Particular ways each one of us perceives and experiences and intuits the world. In this course we’ll practice listening to our bodies on a daily basis, do exercises for creativity through movement, and make a practice of writing the stories our bodies are telling.  


And more courses coming down the pipeline...

  • Writing Down the Shadow: Monsters, Horror + the Repressed Self  
  • Myths + Fairytales: Using Archetypes in Writing + Self-Expression
  • Writing + Tarot: Exploring Archetypes + Journeying Through the Deck.