Courses in Creative Writing

Courtney E. Morgan teaches at Lighthouse Writers Workshop nonprofit literary center. She has also taught fiction workshops at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where she received her MFA in Creative Writing. She also leads classes with the homeless population in Denver and with school-aged kids.        


Reading as a Writer: Octavia Butler's Lilith's Brood at Lighthouse

Weds Feb 7-28 6:30-8:30

Nebula and Hugo Award-winning author Octavia Butler (also the first sci-fi writer to win the MacArthur "Genius" Grant), masterfully utilized speculative fiction to explore issues of race, gender, “otherness,” and hierarchy—she used the fantastic to reveal the deepest truths of our humanity. Through reading her work, we'll discover how we can use the irreal in our own ways to expose whatever truths drive us. 

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Impulse: A Writing Course on Creative + Sexual Empowerment

In this course we’ll consider the creative and sexual impulse as one thing—one singular drive that leads us to (pro)create and birth “babies” (whether works of art, relationships and connections, or yes, human offspring)—and we’ll explore ways of tapping this particular energy and using it to inspire and deepen our writing, our art, and (yes) our libido. 


Intermediate Short Story Workshop at Lighthouse Writers

Thurs Mar 22-May 10 6:30-8:30

Building on the foundations of Intro to Writing the Short Story, this class will consist primarily of workshopping short story drafts.  In addition, we’ll use writing exercises and published short stories as launching points for generating new material and discussing aspects of the short story craft, such as narrative scope, narrator reliability, structure, building tension, and developing plot. 

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Storying (Our)Selves: A Course on Healing + Personal Narrative

This writing class will explore the transformative power of art—its capacity to transform the author, the reader, and whole social millieu we’re floating in. The course will guide you through ever deepening layers of your own narrative, exploring ways to re-envision and re-story your past and your (perhaps limited) ideas of your Self. 


Draft a Novel Chapter 4-week Workshop at Lighthouse Writers

Thurs April 19-May 10 4:00-6:00

This four-week writing intensive course will focus on the most important elements of writing a chapter of your novel while keeping you on deadline. We’ll start at the beginning (how to open a chapter), then discuss narrative arc, your story's characters, and how to this chapter ties into your novel as a whole. We'll cover outlines and think about how everything fits together. Whether you're on your first chapter or final! 

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Body Language: A Course of Writing + Movement

Every body has a story. Memories locked inside muscle and bone. Particular ways each one of us perceives and experiences and intuits the world. In this course we’ll practice listening to our bodies on a daily basis, do exercises for creativity through movement, and make a practice of writing the stories our bodies are telling.  


Independent and individualized writing courses on: creativity + sexuality, speculative fiction, social justice and feminism in literature, myths + fairytales, the shadow + horror, writing sex, the body, and more!

And more courses coming down the pipeline...

  • Writing Down the Shadow: Monsters, Horror + the Repressed Self  
  • Myths + Fairytales: Using Archetypes in Writing + Self-Expression
  • Writing + Tarot: Exploring Archetypes + Journeying Through the Deck.