Welcome to The Embodied Creative

Courtney E Morgan 1

Hi, I’m Courtney!

I’m an author, writing teacher, and creativity coach, dedicated to helping people discover and harness their creative + sexual power and vitality.

I’m the author of the book, The Seven Autopsies of Nora Hanneman—Stories, which Kirkus Reviews called a “radical approach to the linked-story collection.” I’m also the founding editor of The Thought Erotic, a literary journal of sexual culture.

My passion is in helping people face and reduce shame and negative stories around their innate creative and sexual power, and to re-story their personal (and cultural) narratives through acceptance, approval, and empowerment.


Courses in Creativity and Writing

In-person and online courses on creativity, sexuality, writing, and more!

I teach online courses on creativity and sexuality, along with in person writing classes at Lighthouse Writers Workshop nonprofit literary center. I also lead writing groups with the homeless population in Denver and with school-aged kids. I taught undergraduate fiction workshops for 5+ years at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where I received an MFA in Creative Writing. 

Spark! A New Course on Creativity, Sexuality + Pleasure

Want greater creative inspiration and output, better sex and intimacy (and orgasms), and more capacity for joy and pleasure? This may sound like a lot for one course to promise, but… here it is.

Spark is a 12-week guided course and community, offering lessons, exercises, practices, and support to tap the vast stores of creative energy + power contained in our sexual and pleasure-seeking drives.


Creative coaching and consulting for writers, artists, healers, entrepreneurs, activists + creators of all sorts.


I offer one-on-one creativity coaching and support. Our work together will involve deep working and communication with the body and psyche—including movement + meditation practices, methods for locating and clearing internal blocks (where they’ve settled and manifested in your body + life)—alongside routine-making, goal- and dream-setting, practices for creative play, and other practices to begin and complete the creative projects and containers you want to create.



The nineteen stories in The Seven Autopsies of Nora Hanneman track the splintered trajectory of the title character, tracing a chickenscratch line of psychosexual development from childhood to old age. Courtney E. Morgan tears apart a host of archetypes and tropes of femininity— dismembering them, skinning them, and then draping them one by one over her characters like fur coats—revealing them as ill-fitting, sometimes comedic, sometimes monstrous, and always insufficient, masks. In stories that range from fairy tale to horror story, from confessional to erotica to creation myth, mutability, instability, and liminality are foregrounded, blurring the lines between birth and death, death and sex, tugging at the transitional spaces of adolescence and gestation.