Creativity Coaching + Consulting


Why Creativity Coaching? 

One major goal and impetus of the creative coaching is to reconnect with and reestablish strong bonds and communication with your inherent creative impulses, drives, and talents, and to give them the time and attention to further develop and grow.

We humans are all innately creative beings, but schooling, work, and our society in general have all done a great job of teaching us to squash, shame, mistrust or devalue that part of ourselves. Our post-industrial late-capitalism culture thrives on people being dissatisfied and bored in their work and lives, and consuming in an attempt to fill that void.

So part of our journey is valuing and centering those parts of yourself, and finding outlets and projects that can invigorate your work and life—and it is also about creating profound shifts in how you relate to yourself, and how you move about in and are in relationship to the outer world.

This is about shifting energy and focus (time, attention, intention) from feeling stuck, in a rut, meaningless or unfulfilled, to finding and moving toward what you want to do and accomplish in the world—your purpose, in other words. Whether that be in your work, your hobbies, your relationships, or all of the above. 

How it Works 

You will complete a full intake before your first session to help us get a sense of your vision—and then we’ll work together to create concrete steps and routines to bring these ideas to manifestation. We’ll also be invoking a strong sense of play and a big old swath of space for failure.

We'll meet in-person or by phone once per week or month (depending on the option you choose), with weekly email check-ins and follow-up support.

Contact Me for a free 45-minute phone consultation to see if Creativity Coaching is right for you!

Creative Coaching

For writers, artists, entrepreneurs, healers, activists + creators of all sorts.

I offer creative coaching and consulting for writers, artists, entrepreneurs and anyone wanting to be more creative and innovative. Our time together will involve deep working and communication with the body and psyche—including movement + meditation practices, locating internal blocks (where they’ve settled and manifested in your body + life) and clearing them—alongside routine-making, goal- and dream-setting, practices for creative play, and other methods to begin and complete the projects and containers you want to create.

You will get weekly or monthly one-on-one meetings with me (in-person or via phone), along with check-ins to hold you accountable to your practices, routines, and goals.

If you have a specific project you want to work on, we’ll make that the center of our work together. And if you simply want to tap into and increase your creative flow—we can do that too!

What You Can Expect

You can expect the following outcomes from creativity coaching: 

- Completion of the creative project or goal you come to create (or that you discover with coaching support)

- A stronger sense of, and connection to, your own creative drives and talents (and the skills and practices and techniques to help you accomplish your desired outcomes)

- Integration of your creativity into your daily life through practice, pleasure and play

- Established routines and practices to keep your relationship to your creativity strong and healthy, and also to help you set and accomplish creative projects and tasks

- A clear road map of your own internal blocks, critics and resistances, along with techniques to work with and ultimately overcome them 

- A heightened awareness of and commitment to pleasure and play in your daily living

- A deeper understanding of your personal purpose and meaning. 


Coaching Packages

6 months of monthly, one-on-one, one-hour sessions and weekly email check-ins and support

6 months of weekly, one-on-one, one-hour sessions and email support

3 months of weekly, one-on-one, one-hour sessions and email support

Contact me for personalized options and for package pricing.