New Moon Creativity Ritual

New Moon Creativity Ritual—June 3

Today, June 3rd, we have a new moon in Gemini. Today (or in the next day to two), perform a small (or elaborate) ritual to tap into its energy for increased creativity and communication. Below are some simple guidelines, feel free to add and innovate as you see fit!

- Get an orange candle (orange is Mercury’s color, the ruler of this new moon, and also a color known for increase and attraction).

- Gather stones such as amethyst and agate (stones associated with Mercury, and also with the throat chakra for opening creative self expression).

- Gather tools and implements for creativity, communication, and self-expression, such as pen and paper, paints, musical instruments, or anything else that speaks to the creative element and energy for you.

- Hold the candle and envision or speak aloud the intention to tap into and harness your creative purpose and a strong sense/experience of creative self-expression and communication in the next month.

- Light the candle and visualize/daydream/meditate for at least ten minutes on what this means to you, what this looks like.

- Write, draw, paint, sing, play music for another 15-30 minutes, feeling the energy of creativity fill and expand in you.

- After spending time doing something that feels creative and self-expressive to you, freewrite on what you can do in the next month to center your creativity and/or a creative project.

- Choose one actionable thing you can do to embody that vision, on a daily or weekly basis this month. Write down that action. Take it!

Photo by Val Vesa on Unsplash