A Ritual for Rage

A new article up at The Thought Erotic on use for survivors’ rage in a post-Kavanaugh-trial world.

by Courtney E. Morgan

TW: sexual assault


  • One stone, obsidian1

  • One black candle (in glass container, seven-day preferred)

  • One swatch of black cloth

  • One piece of paper + pen (black ink is ideal)

  • Salt (optional)

  • Bundled or loose herbs: sage, juniper, pine, mugwort or another cleansing plant2

  • Essential oil of your choice

  • 2000+ years of oppressive patriarchy

  • One sexual assault victim, woman (meek + polite + woman-like/feminine + attractive2 + white is best for credibility, but it won’t matter anyway, so any victim will do in a pinch)

  • One raging, privileged, wealthy white man accused of assault (white is imperative, or the ritual may not work)—withhold consequences for 53 years prior, so the entitlement is extra tenderized and juicy

  • 11 male Republican congressmen charged with determining the validity and veracity of the accusations of sexual assault—fold in behind token female speakerpiece

  • Your own wounds and memories of assault, intimidation, objectification and victimization

Steps to Follow:

  1. Light the herbs and cleanse your home and yourself with the smoke for purifying + protection.  

  2. Gather all your materials (hold the victim and perpetrator in your mind, as you cannot gather them into the circle [the man is untouchable, after all]).  

  3. Make a ritual container with a circle of salt around you. If you don’t want to use salt, envision a bright circle of light encapsulating you and your ritual space. Set the intention for it to be a circle of protection and safety, for the highest good of everyone.  

  4. Light your black candle. Set the obsidian before it.  

  5. Take your paper and pen and write an intention to: Harness the anger and rage, and release the pain and wounding you have been experiencing (since the Kavanaugh trial, since the election, since you were born), and to channel the pain and wounding caused by the white heteropatriarchy into productive change on an individual and social level, to create a more just and equal society and world, for the greatest good of everyone.

Read the full article here at The Thought Erotic.