Let's Talk about Sex...

Like action and dialogue, writing sex scenes can be extremely intimidating. And rightly so—it’s tricky to do and especially to do well. Add to the intricacies of craft, all of our cultural taboos, repressions, baggage, and general weirdness around talking about (little the less depicting) sex, sexuality and sexual encounters—and many authors take the easy road and avoid the subject altogether.

But you’re not an easy-road writer, are you?

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Why Audrie & Daisy is Required Watching in a Culture of Slut Shaming and "Locker Room Talk"

The truth is, there is only so much legislation can do, especially when confronting rape culture and institutionalized sexism and cissexism in trying to protect the victims of sexual assault. Legislation is not enough, when prevailing cultural attitudes and media representations send the message that women are commodities and that rape culture is normal and okay. Which brings us, of course, to Trump.

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